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Current Mission Statement from KAGRO of Maryland Facebook Page-


The main purpose of KAGRO is to assist Korean-American retailers in adaptation to American culture, life-style and business. In this respect, the KAGRO plays in vital role as an information exchange and clearinghouse on matters concerning business, legislation and on legal and regulatory issues essential to the successful operation of a retail enterprise.
Additionally, the KAGRO functions as a catalyst to further a beneficial relationship between Korean-American retailers and their vendor/suppliers. Finally, the KAGRO serves to work towards the betterment of the Korean-American community as well as other communities in which KAGRO members conduct their business.


The KAGRO of Maryland is organized to serve the interests of Korean-American communities and their retail business

On March 1st, 1995, the Korean-American Supermarket Association, Korean Grocers Association, and Korean Alcoholic Beverage Association in Maryland merged into KAGRO of Maryland, Inc. (Korean-American Grocers & Licensed Beverage Association of Maryland, Inc.)

This Association is organized to serve the interests of Korean-American communities and their retail business such as: Supermarkets, Liquor Stores, Convenient Stores, Restaurants and Bars, Carry-outs, Meat and Fish Markets, Produce Stores, and Grocery Stores in throughout the State of Maryland.

Over the past sixteen years, the words “dedication” and “concern” have come to symbolize the mindset of many KAGRO members. The history of Maryland KAGRO itself is based upon concern for fellow merchants and the willingness to create an entity that would bring recognition to a previously ignored booming segment of the industry.

The KAGRO has been active in providing tangible services to not only its members, but also to non-member Korean-American business and the community as a whole.

By successfully doing so the KAGRO has realized a significant growth to its current base of approximately 1200 members. This membership base represents an impressive position within this dynamic industry in metropolitan Baltimore.

The KAGRO has attained the present status as an influential organization for the Korean-American retailers in State of Maryland. Also KAGRO is member of Wholesale, Retail, Associations of Maryland (The Alliance of Alcohol Beverage Trade Associations). Founding Date March 1995.

Suggested New Mission and Vision Statement-

Our Mission:

The mission of the Korean American Grocers Association (KAGRO) is to provide and promote leadership, information, advocacy, and new relationships for the advancement of our members economic vitality and the success of Maryland’s entire business community. 

Our Vision:

Ensure every business can achieve its fullest potential and every business owner and employee can participate in and contribute to all aspects affecting the business climate in Maryland.

Kagro of Maryland knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2000, our Non-Profit realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Kagro of Maryland.


Kagro of Maryland is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

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Since the KAGRO of Maryland has been established in 1995, we have been active in providing tangible services to not only our members but also community as a whole. We have achieved many of our golas and objectives for the past 23 years and we would like to extend our appreciation to you for you invaluable support and cooperation.




KAGRO was established in 1989, and since then has been a strong non-profit Korean organization proudly working to represent Korean-American Grocers and Licensed Beverage members all over the nation. With golf tournament, your continuous support has already allowed us to award more than 200 scholarships to worthy achieving students who are in need of financial support.

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